The Body Typing Consult

This consult is all about finding the lines that are most native to your body type--lines that accentuate and work with your beauty instead of against it.

In this consult, you'll learn your body type in the Body Geometry System, your best silhouettes, fabric weights, and fits based on your body's native lines, how you can style your hair to complement your features and bone structure, and make up application techniques to bring out your unique beauty.

How it works:
The consult is entirely via email. After you complete your booking, take a look at the photo guidelines and email your photos to the email address below. Please use the same email address you used on the booking page to send your photos and correspond with me:


After you book and send through your photos, you are all set to receive your Body Geometry type and recommendations on the date listed below.

Book now for $100 USD (introductory price) via Stripe checkout:

Receive your consult on May 29th.