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The Full Report includes five parts, and everything you need to know about your native lines and colors, as well as how they interact:

Part I: Your Body Geometry type and line recommendations

Part II: Your Artistic License skin undertone and color recommendations

Part III: How your lines and colors interact

Part IV: Essence: How you read due to expressions and body language

Part V: Your priority area

The consult is entirely via email. After you complete your booking, your consult will be in three steps. Please use the same email address you used on the booking page to send your photos and correspond with me:

  • Step One: Take a look at the photo guidelines, and send your photos to:
  • Step Two: I will send you your report on the date listed below.
  • Step Three: Complimentary email: if you have any quick questions, I can clear them up so that you're ready to put your native lines and colors into practice!

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Receive your consult on August 2nd.