Soft Classic



Who said soft gamine can't be sexy? High, slightly contrasting neckline, fitted at knee, crisp small design. Make sure it won't be too long on you, though!


Not fitted at knee, but has a lot of other gamine elements—crisp design, high neckline, waist emphasis, and some flow to the fabric.


A simple black dress in soft gamine lines—small gathers (is that a little bow?), high neckline, short! Fitted at the hem! Pair with a messy up-do, and a small, rounded purse, maybe some rounded-toe heels!


A very sexy look for the soft gamine! Fitted and slightly contrasting at the knee, small detailing, and last but not least, the dark lines on the torso break up the silhouette! You’ll look great!


So cute! Especially good if you have a deeper skin tone—the see-through element at the waist and down the front will create contrast. High neckline, medium-weight material!


Love love love! The small rounded shapes at the waist and at the knee create contrast, medium weight material, high neckline! It’s perfect.


Wonderful for a semi-formal summer event, or even for work. Contrasting neckline, medium weight material!


Who said Soft Gamine can’t wear a long dress from time to time? For a formal event, why not? Contrasting neckline, fitted at the torso, crisp designs. This isn’t a romantic dress! It’ll look quite elegant on you!



This is absolutely perfect for the soft gamine—contrasting curved neckline, broken staccato siluouhette. I tried this on myself at Macy’s and it looks amazing.


That seam across the waist is the most important thing to look for—if you have a small waist, this will flair out at the hips and hug your waist, necessary for the precision fitting any gamine needs.


This isn’t perfect but has good reviews, also it has long arms which may be good if you have answer A arms, also has space for hips and the peplum detailing at the bottom is fun.


This is a bit simpler and more minimal, but pair this with tousled hair and fun pants, a bright shirt, and you’ll be good to go!


Don’t wear the white skirt with this! Pair with contrasting pants or even jeans for an edgy look—gamines look great in contrasting colors, styles, and textures! Curved high neckline.



Fitted at the knee looks great (pencil skirt), if A-line, might look a bit drab or like playing dress up. Go for this instead!


Simple black skirt for every day. Slightly above the knee so especially good if you have shorter arms and legs. Goes in at knee—flattering for the soft gamine!


Another simple black skirt—if you’re always complaining about looking childlike in professional attire..Try. Pencil. Skirts! Make sure they’re at or just above the knee!


Fitted at the knee, interesting texture! Make sure it won’t be too long on you, though!! At or slightly above the knee! Also comes in the fun warm red color!


Very fun! Contrasting trim at the bottom will create some broken lines, above the knee, pair with a simple, high-neckline solid-colored shirt. Crisp small designs.



Very fitted and fun, would also look great on a gamine. For soft gamine, pair with a softer shirt with waist emphasis, and a rounded toe shoe. Tousled hair.


Fitted at the ankle--great for all gamines. For soft gamine, pair with a shirt with waist emphasis. Tousled hair and soft, blended make up.


Look closely! These have little dots! Very high waisted—tuck in (for waist emphasis) a collared button-down that’s fitted at the wrists, and you’ll look so professional!


A basic black pant—fitted at the ankle, the line down the middle gives some edginess. Great for any gamine! Be sure to pair with a softer shirt.


Super fun! Tuck in a shirt for waist emphasis (this is why we love high-waisted pants)! Pair with some round-toed heels or flats. Dress down or dress up for an evening out! They also come in white!


If you like capris, then these will work! Casual weekend event, crisp design. Pair with a white t-shirt that has a high neckline!


I love leggings. These have the detailing at the ankle! Pair with a basic shirt, very high neckline or a crop top. Showing even a tiny bit of skin at the waist (like the model) will create a broken silhouette!


These aren’t Natural pants! They are soft gamine! Fitted at the hem, loose elsewhere, a bit edgy! Pair with a very tight shirt to balance the look, tuck the shirt in, throw on some sneakers.


Fitted, with some fun detailing at the hem. Wear to work or dress them up.


These come in fun colors too! Get some light pants for sure (so you have the option of wearing a dark shirt, with the lighter pants creating a broken silhouette)!


These are a bit more casual. Pair with a cute t-shirt with a high, rounded neckline, or dress them up a bit.



Basic item—rounded, high neckline. Pair with fun pants (with a crisp pattern on them, or with small detailing)!


A basic piece! Great because of rounded neckline, but also the v-shape will pick up on some yang as well! Great also because it has waist emphasis! Pair with a fun skirt that’s a bit looser, but fitted at the knee!


This shirt is perfect! The black line at the bottom will create the broken silhouette that looks great on any gamine! Pair with a light-colored bottom. High neckline, crisp design.


Rounded neckline, and the white line at the bottom will create the broken silhouette that you need! Pair with a bright-colored bottom, or even a darker bottom would be ok too! Mixture of textures also looks great on any gamine!


Slightly contrasting neckline, mixture of textures, crisp, relatively small design!


High neckline, crisp design! Pair with jeans or a high-waisted skirt (make sure skirt is fitted at the knee!), tucked in for waist emphasis!


Great for a casual day! Pair with fitted jeans. Some rounded lines, some angles, relatively high neckline—great for any gamine!