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If you're here you probably came here through my YouTube Channel, Merriam Style. The personalized style report is comprised of three parts--my opinion on your Kibbe Body Type, your Artistic License Color Season, and your 'Priority Area'.

Part I is my opinion on your Kibbe Body Type (of course this is my opinion, and I'm not affiliated with David Kibbe in any way!)--your answers to the Kibbe Body Types test, explanations to any questions that I feel may be more confusing for you personally, and style recommendations. Part II will include your Artistic License Color Season--an explananation, color palettes for your best, ok, bad, and worst colors. And finally, Part III will be what I believe your 'priority' should be. Of course this part is the most subjective, and it's only my opinion. In real life, you may find items that are in your colors, but not in your lines, or vice versa--which do I think you should prioritize? I'm offering the report for an introductory price that may last a couple of days or a couple of weeks, I'm happy to take any suggestions on how I can improve my service. Here's how I've set it up:

Initial pre-report email: I'll get in touch with you on the email that you provided during booking and request that you send some photos of yourself (and any thoughts that you have)!

Style report: I will send you your style report on or before the date listed at the bottom of this page!

Complimentary follow up email: Questions and further discussion! (I'll respond within three days of receiving this email)

Take a look at a sample style report that I made for Lily Cole! This is what you can expect from your report. The length of the report isn't set--it will include everything I feel you should know to paint a complete picture of your body type and color palette. I'll write as much as it takes to describe it to you! It may be only five pages, or as much as over ten pages depending on how much description and elaboration is necessary for your specific report. If you feel some of your questions were not answered, or that I omitted something that was on your mind, please don't hesitate to use the complimentary follow up email and I'll respond within three days of when you send your follow up!

Sample Style Report - Lily Cole

After you book, I'll contact you on the email you provided with these photo guidelines:

Style Report Photo Guidelines

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