Community Guidelines

If these guidelines aren't adhered to, your comments or posts may be deleted, and your account may be subject to review and potential termination:

Toxic behavior: We are here to build each other up. Please be kind in your comments and on the forum.

•  Profanity and Vulgarity: I support freedom of expression! But please avoid excessive profanity, and extensive vulgarity that may interfere with other members' experience. Use your best judgment!

•  Soliciting and Conflicts of Interest: Please don't solicit in the members' area. Use of the Club membership for financial gain is also not permitted.

•  Photo Guidelines: Please do not post or submit nude photos. Bikini photos and bra+underwear photos are perfectly ok, but partially nude photos will be deleted.

•  Controversial Discussion: We're here to come together in our common interests! Please avoid constant or extensive discussion about political, religious, and social issues as they are off topic, and they can also be inflammatory to others.

•  Re-posting and sharing content: Sharing Club member photos, content, or information (which you, personally, did not create) outside of the Club is not allowed and will result in account termination.