It's simple: all photos you send me for your typing are private. I will not share them with anyone.

The typing portal, through which you will send your photos, works like an after-hours bank depository box, or an after-hours library return slot. No one, not even you, can view the photos you dropped in aside from the recipient (Merriam). Take a look at some screenshots to see how it works.

What to Expect

Check out the booking page to see what to expect!

If, after receiving your report, you'd like to dive deeper, discuss, and ask questions, contact me and we can setup a plan and a quote.


If you receive your typing and are not completely satisfied, contact me! I want to make sure everyone is happy.

However, please be aware that all bookings are final and we do not offer refunds. Please submit your photos via the typing portal at least 3 days before the date you are scheduled to receive your typing (this is the date shown on the checkout page when you book). Due to scheduling restraints, I cannot delay typing you if insufficient or no photos are submitted by that time. I will type you based on whatever photos you submit. If no photos are submitted, your booking will be canceled without refund.